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Does It Help Fulfill The Great Commission?

I sat before Dr. Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ. I was presenting a project we wanted to do with his syndicated radio program that we felt would draw in some audience. It was my first time presenting to Dr. Bright. I stumbled a bit through the presentation, out of nervousness. He stopped me and said, “Tom, I only want to know one thing.”

“Yes,” I replied, ready to give an answer.

“Will this help us fulfill the Great Commission?”

I was stumped. I sat in silence. Being a radio guy I was only thinking in terms of drawing in more audience. I wasn’t thinking about the Great Commission. I wasn’t thinking about our calling from the Lord.

“If it doesn’t help fulfill the Great Commission,” he said, “then I’m not interested.” That brief meeting gave me a whole new perspective on ministry and what it is that Jesus has called every Christian to do. Now, at various times, I look at what I’m doing and I ask, “Does this help fulfill the Great Commission?”

A lot of people think the Great Commission is only about evangelism, telling others about Jesus. While that is true, in fact, the Great Commission is about a whole lot more. Jesus said, “Go forth and make disciples.”


What is a disciple? A disciple of Jesus is a person who is growing in faith and character to becoming more like Jesus, and that entails helping others to also become like Jesus. So today, I have a question for you. When you look at your activities in life, do they help fulfill the Great Commission?

Now, we all know we must work for a living to earn money, pay the bills, eat, and have a place to live. Sometimes we may get to express our Christian faith in the workplace, though for many it’s not an option for one reason or another. But during our other times, the time we have to spend as we see fit, how do we spend it? Reading the Bible is helping fulfill the Great Commission because through the Bible you learn about Jesus and what he expects. That’s part of becoming a disciple. Attending Bible studies, sharing with your family, doing all those “Christian things” we do, they also count. Being tempted and turning away from that sin, that’s part of discipleship. That’s part of fulfilling the Great Commission. But what about outside, in that big world where most people are about their lives without a thought toward Jesus? How, in that context, are you involved in fulfilling the Great Commission?

More people are open to the Gospel right now that ever before in history. More people are coming to Christ now around the world than ever before in history. More people are willing to consider Jesus than ever before in history. Some of it is just plain numbers. But some of it is hard core difficulties and challenges of life that make people wonder, “Is this all there is?”

You and I have the answer to that question, and so much more.

Does It Help Fulfill The Great Commission?How are you involved in helping fulfill the Great Commission? Remember, it is the chief calling of every Christian. Like Bill Bright, I’m continually growing in my faith to be able to say, “If it doesn’t help fulfill the Great Commission, then I’m not interested.”

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