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The Stages of Spiritual Growth: Becoming a Spiritual Father

The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to become just like Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29). John the Apostle referred to those who had...

The Stages of Spiritual Growth: The Christian’s Two Natures

Almost every spiritual conflict is fought on a specific battlefield. This is because the Enemy, Satan, only has access to a specific area of...

The Stages of Spiritual Growth: Understanding Spiritual Battle

One of the realities of being a Christian is that every person who enlists with Jesus Christ is also enlisting in a spiritual war....

The Stages of Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Young Men

The circle above provides a general overview of growing to spiritual maturity. Every person starts at the top, as a spiritual baby. We need...

The Stages of Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Children

Just as every person grows from physical childhood to maturity, so too those who come to know Jesus Christ must grow from spiritual immaturity...
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