Here are a list of video and audio materials you may find useful.

Sermons (Video)

You Don’t Have to be Afraid of Eternity

Cru Legacy Series (Video)

Falling in Love with Jesus
Forgiving Toxic People
Never Alone
No Resources? No Problem!
Prayer Matters

Rightly Divided Podcasts (Audio)

These episodes feature Dr. Steve Posey of International Leadership University teaching through eight methods for different types of Bible study.

S1E1 Inductive Bible Study
S1E2 Studying Narrative
S1E3 Studying Poetry
S1E4 Studying Prophecy
S1E5 Studying Parables
S1E6 Apocalyptic Literature
S1E7 Doing Character Studies
S1E8 Doing Book Studies

These episodes feature Pastor and author John Beeson on understanding different types of biblical text.

S2E1 Redemptive History
S2E2 Context
S2E3 The Main Point