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What Does Abortion Say About Us?

I believe that abortion is the most important social issue of our day. There are few issues that tell us more about our society. Abortion is important because allowing the murder of 1.2 million innocents a year reveals some things about us, as a people, that goes to the very heart of who we are. Allow me to share six things that abortion reveals about us.

Abortion reveals what we think about humanity—man is not special. It is from the Bible that we learn that mankind is a unique and special creation. Man has something that other creatures lack. We have a conscience and a sense of moral right and wrong. It is our morality that tells us something is wrong with abortion. Yet, it is our selfishness and sin that overrides our morality and allows abortion to persist.

Abortion reveals our chief value in life—pleasure. Let’s state it plainly. Abortion is about sex. From birth control to abortion, we want unrestricted sex without any consequence other than pleasure. Think for a moment how vile this is. We are willing to kill children so that we may continue to have sex without consequences. 

Abortion reveals what we think about evil—we want no consequences for our actions. I stated this a moment ago, but it bears repeating. No one likes the thought that he or she might be evil. So, when we remove the consequences of our actions, we wipe away shame, which is the necessary emotional component of our guilt. We then continue in the belief that we are moral, or at least, okay. Thus, we deceive ourselves into the belief that we are not evil. Yet, the millions of dead babies we have killed testify against us. Abortion is the ultimate evidence that we, in fact, are evil.

Abortion reveals what we think about religion—it must be subservient to our desires. There is no voice crying out louder about the evil of abortion than the religious. This is because the Christian voice cries out that man is special and unique and the murder of man not only harms man, but harms God, the ultimate lover of humankind. Thus, we say that our laws are of higher authority than the Bible. We dethrone God so that we may captain our own moral Titanic. 

Abortion reveals that we have not learned the lessons of history—slavery, nazism, and communism. These evil systems in our history all have one thing in common. They treat certain segments of humankind as property, or lower than others. Whether black, Jew, or peasant, these systems assumed ownership of living people and did away with them at the will of the powerful or the majority. How is abortion any different? Abortion is different in one important way. Slavery, nazism, and communism enacted murder and abuse for political and economic benefit of the state. There were political objectives of these systems that its authority figures believed they were strengthening their nations. But abortion is murder by the average citizen, for any reason. There is no good in abortion, and everyone knows this. But we kill our children anyway.

Abortion is the ultimate triumph of Darwinism. Every action we undertake is first girded by a belief system, whether religious or agnostic. Where there is religion and a high value of life, abortion is discouraged. But where atheism or agnosticism reigns, so does a low view of human life. Darwinism is that chief philosophy which defines man as common as any animal or insect. Under the scripture, man is the chief steward of creation. We are responsible for creation—including human life. But Darwinism lowers us to creatures to be managed. Stewardship and human management are different. In stewardship we care for something or someone for the benefit of the thing or person stewarded. But managing is for the benefit of the manager—not the one managed. Thus, we kill children for OUR benefit. But encouraging life is for the child’s benefit.

This is what abortion tells us about our society. But what does it say about you? Let me leave you with these four questions.

Knowing what you now know, if you make excuses for abortion, what does it say about you?

If you support and defend abortion, then what does it say about you?

If you resort to abortion, what does it say about you?

If you perform abortions, what does it say about you?

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